Perk up your business sales performance with Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation software play a active role in boosting the profitability of your business by growing revenues and reducing operational costs as sales are the most vital aspect of any business and our custom Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution allows you to derive significant gains from your sales team.

Every company requires a sales force automation software application to effectively and efficiently manage their sales teams to derive maximum output.

There are plenty of out of box sales force automation software applications and software as a service online applications available in the market place, but the problem is they are too complex to use, most importantly you don’t use 80% of the features for which you pay and 20% of features which you need are not there in 100% feature list, so you end up paying more 100% of the money to get required 20% features which is call customization. And customizing an existing application is sometimes challenging as it cost more time and money than creating one what is required.

Different industries such as banking financial services and insurance, health care and pharmacy, telecom, information technology need different kind of sales force application one size usually do not fit all. So every business have its own ideas as to how their sales organization should work, how the process should be and how the information should flow. And most of the time what business want is pretty simple and easy and the whole application scope could be 12 user input screens and 12 reports.

Technology is advanced so well that there are rapid application development tools in the market using 4GL languages such as .net, JAVA, open source technologies one can create application they want within time and budget. It will be completely customized to the needs of your sales department and it will be developed using the latest software development technologies such as Microsoft .Net, JAVA/J2EE and other open source languages.

For that matter Futurism Technologies has sales force automation business consultants and software application development engineer who can create a sales force automation application you want, simple fast and easy just the way you want.

We have a huge code and component library, using which we can get you a tailor-made sales force automation software just in time and budget.

Our solution range encompasses web-based as well as solutions compatible with mobile devices that will empower your field sales force to update the sales volumes on a real-time basis for ROUND-THE-CLOCK information update.

Futurism SFA Mobile Solution:

Our mobile solution will offer your field sales people with better access to their SFA system and other business-critical information that resides in corporate databases, legacy enterprise applications, intranet's and on the Internet.

By empowering sales teams with easy-to-use handheld devices and a mobile sales solution, you will empower your sales force with more effective selling methods with the resultant increase in income generation.

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